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BFA Illustration w/ Animation at California State University, Long Beach

2014-2018 - Long Beach, California


Nogla Thumbnails


Sponsored by Nogla


I was contacted by an editor to a well known Youtuber, Nogla, for a series of commissioned thumbnail art works for his channel.

H2ODelirious Animated


Sponsored by H2ODelirious


I was contaacted by the youtuber known as H2ODleirious to participate in creating animations and illustrations for his channel.

Love Floats


Sponsored by Sal Montanyo

I was originally commissioned to recreate Mr. Montanyo's original characters in a style he found fit for his 3D Animation. After having been happy with my designs for his characters as well as the timely manner that they were finished, he commissioned me again to help design his environments. Mr. Montanyo was pleased with the results of the works.

Inktober 2019


Sponsored by Jake Parker


Completed the 31 day challenge using the prompts drafted by the event.

Deciduous Art Gallery


Sponsored by Rick Reese

Was in charge of producing art pieces for a senior art showcase

Peter and the Seal


Sponsored by Aubrey Mintz & California State University Long Beach Department of Animation

Was placed in a team of 8 to work on an animation that we decided to make, to gain experience of working as a team as well as to test our flexibility and responsibilities in working outside our usual styles and personal works.

Was tasked with assisting in developing story, rough animatics, animating, clean up and color.

Video Thumbnails (Various) by Nogla

H2ODelirious - Job Hunting Adventure by H2ODelirious

H2ODelirious vs Valkyrae by H2ODelirious

Love Floats Visuals  by Sal M.

Love Floats Character Sheets by Sal M.

Untitled Project by Kelsey F.

Marcos' Profile by Marcos B.

Chris & The Power Core by Christopher M.

David the Caretaker by David K.

Jose & His Mom by Danielle R.

Mikey & The Magic Musicians by Christopher M.

Jasmine and Boyfriend Profile by Jasmine A.

Homing Pride & ASF Buttons by Kassy G.

Jose and Danielle Terminator Profiles by Danielle R.

Kenny Illustration by Kenny B.

Danielle Illustration by Danielle C.

Jasmine and Brother Profile by Jasmine A.

Christopher Profile by Christopher M.

David Profile by David K.

Kingdom of Blackened Feathers Illustration by Markiesha F.

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